STS205CENT Cedar Top Acoustic

The STS205 cedar top acoustic

…is the pinnacle of the Teton Acoustic line. Just as the massive pinnacles of the Teton mountain range, which can be seen hundreds of miles away, were created over thousands of years by gigantic upheavals of the earth’s crust, the Teton STS250CENT is the culmination of hundreds of years of research in guitar design and technologies. Well, maybe not hundreds of years, but we spent years finding the best way to build a guitar using modern technology and combining it with traditional tone woods. The STS205CENT has a cedar top that adds depth to the low end frequencies and complements the human voice, making it a perfect Singer/Songwriter’s guitar. The solid mahogany back and sides provide a level tone with a slight boost in the mid-range that allows the cedar top to be front and center, just as it should be. The addition of a Fishman pickup and preamp system allows the guitar to sound as good on stage as it does while sitting around a campfire.

As every woodsman must know his surroundings in order to survive, so must the guitarist. Cedar is a wonderful tone wood, one of the best, but a player will do cedar no justice if they just strum on the guitar like a banshee flying out of Hell itself. No, cedar works best when finger-picking or strumming softy. You treat it right and it’s going to treat you right. Just like the balance between rustic nature and the modern world, cedar has a tipping point. If you go past that point, you lose all the inherent tonal beauty that cedar provides. So, be kind to this guitar. Treat it like a fawn that one finds on the outskirts of a massive forest fire. With care and patience, that fawn will become a noble king of the forest. So will your guitar!

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Body Neck
Body Shape: Dreadnought Neck Material: Mahogany
Top Wood: Cedar Fretboard: Rosewood
Back and Sides: Mahogany Finish: Matte
Binding: Rosewood Number of Frets: 20
Bridge: Rosewood Fret Size: 2.3mm
Scale Length: 648
Truss Rod: yes
Dimensions Other
Upper Bout: 292mm Soundhole Rosette: Wood
Lower Bout: 394mm Hardware: TBA
Body Depth: 122mm Machine Head Type: Chrome
Body Length: 507mm Electronics: Fishman PRESYS+
Overall Length: 1045mm Headstock Overlay: Rosewood
Nut, Saddle: Bone
Strings: D’Addario
Price: $899.99

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